Working with you to produce the best.

Greg Kammer – Principal Creative Director
Greg is the founder of Kammer Media Arts. With over 12 years of graphic design experience, he oversees the design of branding and advertising for a client. As creative director, he interprets the client’s communications goals and develops creative approaches and treatments that support those goals.

Jacob Steelsmith – Principal Technology Programmer
Jacob provides programming skills that include XHTML, web 2.0, hand coding pages to strict standards, PHP, MySQL, ColdFusion, MS SQL, JavaScript, all types of automation, database design and much more. With 3 years of professional web-based experience and 10 years of application development experience, he meets our client’s custom programming needs.

J.Marie Riche – Public Relations Strategist
J.Marie has developed and implemented strategic communications programs for public schools, utilities, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and corporations since 1996. With extensive survey, focus group and communications planning experience, she helps our clients think strategically about maximizing their influence and connection with the communities they serve.